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 Ich will offensichtlich ködern :-)

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BeitragThema: Ich will offensichtlich ködern :-)   Mi 09 Apr 2008, 16:39

Weil die Bücher von Patricia Finney, alias P. F. Chisholm es ziemlich wert sind.

Hier die bisher erschienen 4 Bände:

1. A Famine of Horses

Chisholm steeps her story in so much 16th-century atmosphere and historical detail that much in this British debut is slow going. When Sir Robert Carey, courtier to Queen Elizabeth, is transferred to the Scottish border, he finds many problems. His brother-in-law has appointed him Deputy Warden over Richard Lowther, who assumed he would get the job. Carey has to contend with Lowther and the distrustful Sergeant Henry Dodd, who has just found the body of the son of a powerful feudal lord. Carey must convince Dodd that stemming the lord's vengeful tendency and bringing the murderer to trial is the civilized way of justice. While looking for the killer, they stumble on the makings of a border attack, which Carey suspects is being masterminded locally. Chisholm's short digressions on the new concept of due process are thoughtful but blunted by archaic terms. And Carey, an upright courtier with the gift of guile, remains too distant, never fully retaining the reader's sympathies. (meine Anmerkung: das ändert sich spätestens im nächsten Band!)

übersetzte Ausgabe: Die Pferde des Königs
Carlisle, 1592. Sergeant Henry Dodd ist kreuzunglücklich. Auf einem verregneten Patrouilleritt im englisch-schottischen Grenzland findet ausgerechnet er die Leiche des jüngsten Graham-Sohnes. Angesichts der engen Familienbande und der ausgeprägten Rachelust der Grahams würde er den Toten lieber ignorieren, doch sein neuer Dienstherr läßt dies keinesfalls zu: Sir Robert, von Henry als gelackter Höfling geschmäht, versteht sich recht geschickt darauf, sich den eigenartigen Gepflogenheiten dieses Landstrichs und seiner Bewohner anzupassen. Und so macht er sich unverdrossen an die Lösung des Falles.

2. A Season of Knives

A penniless nobleman fights corruption and intrigue in Elizabethan England in this rousing tale of murder and treachery. As Deputy Warden of the English West March, Sir Robert Carey, introduced in A Famine of Horses, attempts to rid his bailiwick of military purveyor James Pennycook, whose disgusting provisions are making life miserable for the garrison of Carlisle. Carey, named to his sensitive post by his brother-in-law, the Warden Lord Scrope, calls on his wits and gambling skill when he himself becomes deeply involved in the murder of a corrupt garrison official: his former servant is jailed, charged with committing the crime, and hints that it was at his master's direction. Carey must also battle Sir Richard Lowther, his dishonest rival for the deputy's post, as well as raiders from the Debatable Land between England and Scotland, who plot to make off with Carey's married and virtuous love, Elizabeth Widdrington. Chisholm's brilliant depiction of 16th-century English life, high and low, domestic and public, is neatly held together by his believable and engaging protagonist.

übersetzte Ausgabe: Der Ermittler der Königin
Das schottische Grenzland ist nicht der Ort, wo man als Deputy der Königin ein angenehmes Leben führt. Als der galante Sir Robert Carey auch noch in einen Mord verwickelt wird, ist sein ganzer Scharfsinn gefragt, um den Kopf aus der Schlinge zu ziehen. Ein spannender Krimi und deftiges Sittengemälde aus dem Elisabethanischen England.

3. A Surfeit of Guns

Once again it's the late 16th century and England's Sir Robert Carey is beset with problems (A Season of Knives, 1996, etc.). As Deputy Warden of the West March in Carlisle, near the Scotch border, he must deal with marauding bands of Scots and with other enemies on the English side as well--among them his brother-in-law Lord Scrope, whose henchman Lowther is temporarily chief of the armory where a shipment of arms from the Queen has recently been stored. When a gun from this shipment blows up in the hand of one of his men, Long George Little, killing him, Carey knows there's trouble ahead. After he and his trusted right-hand man Sergeant Dodd find the armory guns missing, Carey follows a trail, with only Dodd and a couple of others, over the border to the Court of King James of Scotland in Dumfries. And a tangled trail it is--good guns and deadly ones; gun merchants and foreigners; a homosexual King and his arrogant favorite Lord Spynie; and Carey's married true love Elizabeth Widdrington, who, in the end, defies her sadistic husband to effect Carey's rescue from prison and torture, sending him back to Carlisle shaken but with mission accomplished. The author's feel for the language and the rags and riches of the period are undiminished, but the plotting here can best be described in a quote from Carey to his sister: ``Oh, God, Philly, why does everything have to be so complicated?'' A lively read for the history buff but unlikely to make new fans.

(Günstlinge zweier Herren)
Neuer Ärger für Sir Robert Carey, den Deputy von Königin Elisabeth I. im schottischen Hochland. Beim Nachschub von Gewehren hat es Unregelmäßigkeiten gegeben, und Sir Robert muß an den schottischen Hof reisen, um dort diskret Nachforschungen anzustellen. Unlieb ist ihm dieser Gang in die Höhle des Löwen nicht, denn dort wird er seine angebetete Lady Elizabeth sehen.

4. A Plague of Angels (leider nicht übersetzt)

In this fourth mystery featuring Sir Robert Carey (after A Surfeit of Guns), strong writing and a wealth of detail about Elizabethan London cannot make up for a painfully slow plot. The book opens with Carey and his sidekick, Sergeant Dodd, on the road to London, a clever and lively scene that promises much more action than what actually follows. Carey, based on a historical figure of the same name, has been called to the city by his father, Lord Chamberlain Hunsdon, half-brother to Queen Elizabeth, to search for his missing brother Edmund. It seems Edmund, never the most sensible of men, has gotten himself mixed up in false alchemy and counterfeiting, a crime that is considered treason. As Carey and Dodd investigate the scheme that drew in Edmund, they discover that Thomas Heneage, the greedy and cruel vice chamberlain, is almost certainly involved. Facts, however, are as elusive as Edmund continues to be. Alternately helped and hindered by the playwrights Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare, and merely frustrated by the poet Robert Greene, Carey and Dodd dart about the streets of London, visiting bars and churches, literally avoiding the plague as well as the wiles of the lovely Mistress Bassano. Traitors and allies are finally sorted out in the Fleet, a debtor's prison in London that Chisholm (the pseudonym of historical novelist Patricia Finney) portrays in all its sordid misery.

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Anzahl der Beiträge : 258
Anmeldedatum : 14.10.07

BeitragThema: tolle Bücher   Do 10 Apr 2008, 15:39

und sie steigern sich von Mal zu Mal :-)

Finney's Sprache ist auch bestechend; ich habe zwar nur Plague of Angels im Original gelesen, aber es hat mir seeeehr gefallen!!!

Die anderen muss ich mir im Original noch zulegen; besonders die Übersetzung des ersten Bandes ist gruselig. Aber das kennen wir ja :-)

Wie hat Bine das mal so schön gesagt, Carey und Dodd sind wie ein altes Ehepaar. Sie haben oft Meinungsverschiedenheiten, stehen aber in jedem Fall für einander ein. und die Kommentare Dodd's zu seinem Chef sind manchmal oder meistens zum Kringeln :-)
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Ich will offensichtlich ködern :-)
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