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 Roger Ascham: aus dem Compendium abgeschrieben

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BeitragThema: Roger Ascham: aus dem Compendium abgeschrieben   Di 08 Apr 2008, 19:49

für die Nicht-Compendium-Besitzer :-)

Soweit ich das sehe, war dieser Herr eine sehr wichtige Persönlichkeit für Lymond.
Zitat :
ASCHAM, Roger: (1515 - 1568) Educated at Cambridge and appointed reader in Greek in about 1538, Ascham left Cambridge in 1548 to become tutor to the fifteen-year-old Princess Elizabeth. A quarrel in the household led him to resign in 1550 and return to Cambridge. His opinion of court life was less than flattering: "To laugh, to lie, to flatter, to face, / Four ways in court to win men's grace". Later that year he became secretary to Sir Richard Morison, the English Ambassador to the Court of Charles V at Augsburg. On his return to England in 1553 his academic prowess led to his appointment as Latin secretary to Mary Tudor, a position which gave him a secured salary of forty pounds per annum. Ascham, however, held strong Protestant views and under Edward's reign had referred to the Catholic church as "the Roman beast and its dogmatic filth", a dangerous statement to have made when orthodox Catholicism was being restored by his new employer.
The following year, Elizabeth was briefly brought to court, which gave the two of them the chance to resume their studies of six years before. Queen Mary had attempted to restrict Ascham from regular visits to Elizabeth, but in 1558, with Elizabeth's accession, he was appointed as her private tutor. Only one work was published by Ascham during his lifetime: Toxophilus, a treatise in English on archery, stressing the importance of physical training in exercise. The parallels between Ascham's extensive library and that of fictional Lymond are particularly striking.
In 1554, Ascham married Margaret Howe, his "sweet Mag"; he was thirty eight, she was nineteen. The marriage lasted until his death, but it was not without early problems caused by her attempted abduction by a rival lover.
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Roger Ascham: aus dem Compendium abgeschrieben
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